The idea of being sick, out of work, and immobile real stinks, but hey, stuff happens. And that's precisely why you may want to consider purchasing disability insurance. What if an ordinary spin down the strip on a sunny day leaves you twisted up like a pretzel and being cut from the wreckage of a mangled VW Beetle? How will you support yourself and family? Do you have enough money saved to cover three- or four-months’ worth of rent, utilities, and credit card bills? What if you are unable to work for a whole nine months, or even a year? Would you still be able to foot the bill of your monthly cost of living then?

Disability insurance is designed to replace a portion of your income should you become unable to work do to sickness or injury. Disability insurance benefits have historically covered approximately 45% to 65% of your gross income. Although this varies depending upon the insurance carrier and the benefits that you are entitled to, as stipulated by your policy.

Disability insurance generally falls into one of two categories: short term disability and long term disability. Short term disability is generally defined as an illness or injury that keeps you from work for up to six months. Long term disability is coverage for injury or illness related income loss that commences at one year of disability.

Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Is the insurance short term or long term?
  • When does the disability insurance coverage begin?
  • What is the amount of the benefits?
  • How long does the insurance coverage lasts?
  • How are claims paid?
  • Can the disability insurance coverage be renewed once it has been used once already?

Disability insurance protection will remove the inability of being ill and put the ability back into paying the bills. Look at it as insurance to protect your way of life; the way of life you are accustom to.

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